Sunday, November 20, 2011

A brief note

Life in Ethiopia has been good thus far. I haven't had much internet time, and I don't have a lot right now.  here is the quick 5 cent update.  Language class is going well, I can almost read the crazy script with 230+ characters. Other trainings have been interesting, completely boring, and everything in between.  Ethiopia is the most dangerous country in the world to drive in.  The public transportation is one of the most scarey and uncomfortable experiences available.  My site (where I will spend the next 2 years in after training is over) is Leku.  its about 20 km from Hawassa one of the larger cities in Ethiopia.  It has no mountains.  I am not happy about this, but will make the best of it. It is very green, and has lots of organic coffee, which makes me happy.  My counterpart is young and motivated, only about a year out of University.  We get along just smashingly. He makes my site much more bearable.  The weather here is nice, not to hot, sunny most days.  It is the dry season, and the cool part of it.  We'll see if i still like the weather when it rains everyday.  My new address is as follows:
Wayne Ciullo
PO Box 64
Sidama, Leku

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  1. glad to hear things are going well - sorry about the lack of mountains :( hopefully you can at least find something else to do to unwind and exercise while you're there! will try to send you something soon.
    love and miss you, wayne!