Thursday, September 29, 2011


Its 2 am on a nondescript night in Maine, and I am still conscious for some indeterminable reason.  That might be a lie.  I know exactly why I am still awake.  In less than a week I will get on a plane and fly far far away, to the most foreign of foreign lands; Ethiopia.  I'll be spending the next 2.25 years there as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  My job title (one of the longest and most important sounding that I have ever held) is "Conservation and Natural Resource Management Specialist", whatever that means.  For me it means that all I know about what i'll be doing with the Peace Corps, and where i'll be doing it is that it will have something to do with natural resources, and it will be somewhere in Ethiopia.

On top of the uncertainty regarding my entire life for the next few years, I will have to learn an incredibly difficult language, and live in a culture as different from mine as chocolate is different from nori. The great part is also that I get to live in a culture that is as different from mine as house cats are from wolves.  I am tired, and this post has taken far too much brain power to write.

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